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Interest in an App (Program) to Assist with Index Creation and Bulk Upload?

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:07 pm
by BobG56
(Phil - I tried to run this by you before posting it but could not find a way to PM you. So here goes. I hope you don't object.)

When I have created an index and Bulk Uploaded it it has been a lot of tedious work. Mostly the kind of work which computers do flawlessly but which I do not do well and hate to do. So I am thinking about developing a program which would help with the tedious work. Based on my experiences the program (app) would assume a three step process: 1) create a text file of the book's index using an OCR process; 2) find and fix the errors introduced by the OCR process; and 3) prepare the index entries for Bulk Upload. And then you would have to copy and paste one or more files into the Bulk Upload dialog.

The program, at least the initial version, would not assist with step 1. There are several, free online services which will convert a page or two of text image to a text file. Then the program would help you find and fix the errors introduced by the OCR process (errors such as the conversion of page number 107 (one zero seven) to 1o7 - i.e. the OCR process mistook the "0" (zero) for the letter "o" (oh); or perhaps the opposite in a word in the title, such as mistaking one of more of the os in "Mood Indigo" for 0 (zero) - I haven't tried it but I'd guess that an iGigBook search for Mood Indigo won't find an entry with a title of "Mo0d Indig0"). Then, step 3) the program would generate the input for Bulk Upload.

Frankly I expect that the level of interest here will be low but I thought I'd ask.

Please post any comments or questions here rather than sending me a PM.

Thanks, Bob