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kudos to Phil Smith

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:32 pm
by comosun
I don't envy Phil Smith. Companies like Sher Music are sure making it so difficult for him. I'm a trumpet player.
Last night I tried to purchase from Sher a download file of the 3 volumes of The New Real Book in the key of
Bb. For starters, only one of those volumes (volume #2) comes with a Bb version. And even then, some of
the tunes are keyed to 'C' not 'Bb'. But the real whopper comes when I'm almost at the checkout counter and Sher is asking for my shipping address. Delivery address??? I asked for a digital download so I can use it on I Gig Book. Talk about misleading. I also noticed that Sher is now publishing something called the Digital Real Book which should only add to the confusion. Poor Phil! His fabulous cutting edge innovation for gigging musicians is being thwarted at every turn by this huge company that seeks to preserve its bygone sheet music market.
Love your product, Phil. Please don't give up!

Re: kudos to Phil Smith

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:40 pm
by Phil Smith
Thanks for the support and the kind words. I think if potential customers contacted Sher Publishing and informed them that there is a way for them to sell their book in PDF format to users and their content would be password protected that may make them less shy about making the content available. I have had ongoing communications with publishers like Hal Leonard and Alfred Music but have not been able make any headway with them at this point but continue to try.