Notes on using Real Book CD ROMs with iPad Air

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Notes on using Real Book CD ROMs with iPad Air

Post by NoCalJG » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:11 pm

Hope these notes are useful to someone such as myself using an iMac OS 10.10.1 and iPad Air iOS 8.1.2.
The post in this forum on "How to use Real Book CD ROMS with iGigBook," specifically for the 6th Edition, advises:
1. Copy PDF files from the CD to your device using iTunes and keep the device connected
2. Access from your device and select Latest News
3. Select the link titled: "Real Book 6th Edition CD Set", to import the set
4. Use the Set List Sharing feature to generate a single PDF. DO NOT SEND THE EMAIL
5. Switch to back to the file sharing window on iTunes that you used in step 1
6. Locate the file Set_Real_Book_6th_Ed_CD.pdf and rename it to realbk1h.pdf
7. You can also delete the files copied during step 1 now
8. Return to your device and select Cancel to dismiss the mail dialog and select Delete Draft
9. Adjust the offset for Real Book 6th Edition to -9 in the Book List View
Hard-won experience with step 4 and succeeding steps:

To complete “4. Use the Set List Sharing feature to generate a single PDF":

In iGigBook on the iPad, open the Gig* Set Viewer.
Click the envelope icon in top left corner to open this window:

Share Set List
Include Songs As PDF Attachment?

Click Yes.
A “Create Set List PDF” window opens with a progress bar as the pdf is generated. When this process is complete, a ”Set_Real_Book_6th_Ed_CD.pdf “ appears in the iTunes window showing the files in your iPad’s iGig Book. This new item is a single pdf containing all the pdfs in your Set List (the files you copied onto the iPad in step 1.)

Ignore step 8, apparently no longer relevant. No option even appears to Cancel or Delete anything.

You can now take steps 6, 7, and 9.
Steps 2 and 3 were also challenging with things not appearing as described, but I don't remember details now. The overall strategy seems to be to import your copy of the Real Book's incividual pdfs, then import the Real Book's "Set" from the iGigBook site, then invoke the Set List Sharing and renaming voodoo to create a functioning single index of the individual pdfs.

A lot of my difficulties using iBook arise because it seems to have no user's manual or other reference, preferably with screen shots, that lays out the functions and interaction of its various windows. Guidance seems scattered all over the app's help pages and myriad posts on this forum, so it's like going on a safari whenever I try something new.

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Re: Notes on using Real Book CD ROMs with iPad Air

Post by paulines169 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:57 pm

I actually imported 3 Real Book CDRoms following the instructions and it worked as described. It was pretty easy actually.

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Re: Notes on using Real Book CD ROMs with iPad Air

Post by SiteAdmin » Mon Jan 19, 2015 3:00 pm

The steps provided in the How To are accurate however there are some things you need to know how to do prior to following the steps. These "prerequisites" have been added to the How To with links to the topics you should be familiar with prior to beginning.
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