iOS 11 and iGigBook

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iOS 11 and iGigBook

Post by SiteAdmin » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:35 am

iGigBook runs fine under iOS 11 but there are some changes that Apple has introduced that you should be aware of...

1. Beginning with iTunes 12.7, the App Store is no longer part of iTunes however the File Sharing feature still works for transferring files to and from your computer and device.

2. If you search for song titles with apostrophes you will not get the same search results as you would with prior versions of iOS because of a new feature called "Smart Punctuation" which is enabled by default. Navigate to: Settings-General-Keyboards and turn "Smart Punctuation" off.

Update: If you are using version 5.4 or greater of iGigBook and iOS 11 you do not have to disable "Smart Punctuation"
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