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iGigBook Mobile Version 1.88

Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:03 pm
by SiteAdmin
iOS 7 Compatability.

New features and enhancements added:

Three finger tap, disables/enables screen taps while viewing a chart.
Great for when you're showing a chart to your friend who accidentally touches the screen advancing to the next or previous page when trying to point to a measure.

Track playback now available from any view plus track repeat option.
This is handy to have when you have an index for an instructional book that has music tracks that you can play along with.

Repeat track switch.
Toggles repeat playback of music tracks

Automatic playback of first matching track switch.
Begins playback of the first track that matches the song title viewed

A new setting to enable/disable the use of Bluetooth foot pedals.