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iGigBook Index

Post by SiteAdmin » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:07 am

The ultimate pocket sized fake book and real book search utility and reference.

If you ever wondered what fake or real book that Jazz Standard is in, and what page it is on, this little utility is for you. iGigBook Index allows you to quickly search for songs by title or composer.

iGigBook Index contains the table of contents of over 40 popular fake and real books making it the most comprehensive index for Jazz Standards.

Been curious about some of the powerful PDF viewing and organizing features of iGigBook and iGigBook Mobile? iGigBook Index allows you to sample the following features contained in those apps:

Set Lists
PDF View
External Monitor Support
PDF Page Navigation

This app only allows you to search and determine which book a song is in as well as what page it appears on. It is not a PDF viewer though it does allow you to sample some of the powerful PDF viewer capabilities found in iGigBook and iGigBook Mobile. We have included the Bach Cello Suites and a sample book of chord charts for 20 popular Jazz standards which allows you to evaluate some of the core features of iGigBook and iGigBook Mobile.
iGigBook - It's what the pros use.
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