Bought for iPad... Install on iPhone 7?

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Bought for iPad... Install on iPhone 7?

Post by stevescheinberg » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:01 pm

Hello! First of all, I'm a delighted iGigBook user. Always very pleased to recommend it, and help new users with initial setup. (I'm a professional computer geek when not making music.)

Here's something I'm curious about -- For some apps, if you buy them for one of the devices under your Apple account, you can install them on a second device. For example, if I buy it on my iPhone, I can install it at no extra charge on my iPad. (And vice versa, I think??)

Am I entitled to do this with iGigBook? I have it on my iPad. Was curious to try to install it on my iPhone. Could not see iGigBook among my Purchased Apps on the iPhone. I'm guessing this is not an available option. Also going to guess what I need to do is purchase iGigBook Mobile for the iPhone. Anyway, just curious to know if this is something that's allowed.

Again, thank you for providing and supporting one of my favorite and most IMPORTANT apps!

Steve Scheinberg

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Re: Bought for iPad... Install on iPhone 7?

Post by Phil Smith » Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:05 pm

iGigBook is designed for the large screen of an iPad not the small screen of an iPhone, even though the iPhone has gotten larger is still isn't a tablet. We do sell an iPhone version of the app designed for the smaller screen of a phone called iGigBook Mobile. It doesn't contain all of the features of the iPad version which simply would not work well on a phone.
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