Gig viewer vs book search mode

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Gig viewer vs book search mode

Post by saxist » Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:48 pm

Hey Phil....long time no speaky....

Love the tie into the music player. It's been such an annoyance to flip out to it and try to get the horn up to play really quick! I'll certainly be using it a lot.

I find that during a gig I am more likely to work out of the book search then anything else as customer requests come in and such. Would it be a bad idea to add the playback feature menu to the book search view of the music? It would be nice for practice/rehearsal.

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Re: Gig viewer vs book search mode

Post by Phil Smith » Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:33 pm

The assumption behind this feature is that there would be a good deal of premeditation involved. Say you're doing a solo gig and are going to use backing tracks, one would set up their set list and tracks in their music player in such a way that you get the matches that you want, to select from, for that chart when it appears. In any event it is just a starting point of an idea subject to change as other people use it in addition to myself.

Note that if you have the music player open you can use a multi-finger swipe to switch easily between it and any other app, but you would then still need to search for the track that you want, which is how every other PDF viewer that has this has a built in player works.
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