bulk upload delay - synchronising limit

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bulk upload delay - synchronising limit

Post by jazzmo » Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:46 am

I love the app and have been making long hours to get my facebooks in. Really, really long hours, the enforced delay between bulk uploads and the daily limit on synchronising make it a frustrating job. Isn't there any way to lift these restrictions ? I read your explanation about safeguarding yourself against attacks, but it is a genuine pity to have a five star app and not being able to use it at full capacity. It's a bit like buying a car and being told you can drive as much as you want, but you're only allowed to fill it up once a week...:-)

update: this morning I tried synching, but failed through bad internet connectivity. Unfortunately failed attempts seem to count as well, because I am blocked for the rest of the day...


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