Not Ready for Prime Time ★

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Not Ready for Prime Time ★

Postby Phil Smith » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:04 pm

by Schnargomolsher - Version 2.40 - Jun 1, 2014

Way too hard to load songbooks. Pagination is wrong a third of the time. Crashes. This app costs too much to be this clunky.

There are multiple ways to get content into iGigBook. This topic in the How To section of the forum describes the various ways to get content into the app:


If you select a song from an index and you land on the wrong page 33% of the time that usually means there's a problem with the PDF that you are using. It could be missing pages at the beginning or in the middle or it could have pages in the wrong order. This is common if you download a PDF from the internet but do not check the PDF you downloaded to see if all of the pages are present and in the correct order.

If the app crashes, we would like to know about that along with the details of the crash. Providing us with information via this forum or via email concerning the crash helps us to create a more stable app and provide possible workarounds until the problem is fixed.
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