The developer needs to listen to musicians ★★

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The developer needs to listen to musicians ★★

Postby Phil Smith » Tue Jun 17, 2014 10:47 am

by Captain Custerdome - Version 2.40 - Jun 16, 2014

I've owned this app quite a long time, left multiple reviews and suggestions, but it seems that the developer has never worked as a performing musician - especially in situations where songs are called spontaneously on gigs. As a result, the same difficulties that interfered with this being a user-friendly app at its first release persist. Here's why: 1) For copyright reasons, the developer can only provide indexes, not the corresponding real/fake book content. Many of the indexes included are inconsistent with the pagination of content 'out there' on the internet. As a result, even using the app's page offsets, the wrong song will often show up when searched. Musicians scrambling onstage to pull up a song at a moment's notice are thus screwed. The developer should have thought this through and at least provided links to content that exactly matches the indexes. 2) For some reason, the developer has avoided complete integration of all features into the app, forcing users to switch to a browser to access some features. They seem so attached to this cumbersome approach, they have even resorted to excluding app update notes from the App Store, forcing users to visit their website for the same kind of info all other developers post on the App Store. 3) Rather than adopt a cooperative attitude with users, I have found the developer to have taken an adversarial position on several occasions. Apps like this succeed or fail based on word of mouth from working musicians, who depend more than anything else, upon the reliability of their tools. I've since switched to using ForScore (even with manual tagging and indexing taking more time and effort, it is worth it), which has many more useful performance features; as well as iRealB for chord charts. If you are a working pro like myself, I suggest looking into those two apps instead.

Many of the features in this app are a direct result of suggestions made by musicians and users of the app. Of course we're not going to implement everything that every user ask for because not every idea is a good one or has utility for the vast majority of users.

We thank you for acknowledging that to get somewhat close to the functionality that iGigBook offers you need at least two apps.
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