Still like it but.. ★★★

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Still like it but.. ★★★

Postby Phil Smith » Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:08 am

by Hagur1237 - Version - 2.67.3 - Jun 2, 2015

Once the books are inside just the fast search is what is cool in his app. But What makes it so complicated? Like, adding our own books is a P.I.T.A. Doesnt work with iTunes to add any book even if you have the score of that book and you add it too, the book doesn't open etc. and please MORE IMPORTANT make it synchronize with the "page flip pedal" like fourscore does! I felt I purchased it for nothing. Wake up!! other apps are leaving you behind.

Your Page Flip pedal has multiple modes of operation meaning it can send various signals or "key strokes" when you step on the pedal. iGigBook responds to up and down arrow keys for moving from page to page and left and right arrow keys for moving from song to song. If you do not set your pedal to send the correct key strokes it will not work. If you set your pedal to send the correct keys it will work.
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