Developer does NOT listen >> 5 stars when really listening ★

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Developer does NOT listen >> 5 stars when really listening ★

Postby Phil Smith » Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:21 am

by Story plan Fan - Version - 2.67.3 - Jun 29, 2015

So the potential is there for an extraordinary 5 stars after you load your FB pdfs BUT - --1. the developer doesn't see iPad user need for landscape - after multiple user requests for landscape - although he claims he can do landscape and has on other non-iPad devices - dev is totally tone deaf that if you're switching in and out of landscape iPad music apps - you are unnecessarily forced to physically keep flipping iGig Book around - so nutty - dev logic is based on how the developer uses the app himself. --2. Buggy- you can get stuck in a book and can't access the main menu at the top. etc. Never buy from a dev until he/she LISTENS to users / customers. Time to listen up.

1. Landscape is available in the Android version of iGigBook because there are larger tablets available which allow viewing two pages side by side making landscape mode much more useful.

2. If you tap the screen in the center while viewing a PDF it puts the app into full screen mode. If while in full screen mode you tap the screen with three fingers it disables screen taps. Perhaps this is how you got stuck? Tap the screen with three fingers to enable screen taps and tap in the center to exit full screen mode. Here's a link to the How To on screen navigation.

How To Navigate While Viewing A PDF Page
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