Great app!! Please fix this little issue!! ★★★★

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Great app!! Please fix this little issue!! ★★★★

Postby Phil Smith » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:14 am

by nachobass

There's an issue that has been the same since the beginning.. It happens that if you are browsing through a book and decide to add a song to a set list (using the plus sign in the upper right corner), the app adds the song, but it automatically takes you out of where you were and into the book's index, as if you had pressed the 'back' button.. Why does it assume that you want to exit? It makes it become annoying when you want to continue doing what you where doing, because you actually have to scroll the index and get back to the page you were, and only then you can keep doing what you were doing.. It adds a few seconds each time.. It would be much better and make more sense if the app simply added the song to the list and stayed right where you are.. Hope you can fix it!!!

It would great if you could report these things on the forum because then we could give you a direct answer that you could be alerted about. All we can do now is hope that you will visit this forum and possibly read this post.

It seems that you're taping the <Okay> button of the pop up dialog which causes you to back out to the song list. If you wait 1.5 seconds, the pop up dialog will go away on its own and you will remain viewing the page in the chart that you are viewing.
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