Need Bluetooth compatibility ★★★

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Need Bluetooth compatibility ★★★

Postby Phil Smith » Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:28 am

byChurchmuse - Dec 24, 2016
I use this because of the two-page look when using an external monitor, but the proprietary page turn iPhone app will be the reason I go back to GigBook for everything as soon as they have the same two-page capability. IGigBook should be compatible with Bluetooth devices for turning pages.

We appreciate that you've taken the time to rate the app and to write a review. What's unfortunate about Apple's review system is there no way for the developer to respond to the review in any meaningful way. You're review is a prime example of why it would be beneficial for a developer to have the ability to reply to a review. You have issues that we could help you resolve, not with an update, but with functionality already present within the app that you may not be aware of. What follows will help you, hopefully you will visit this forum and see this.

iGigBook is compatible with any bluetooth pedal that emulates keystrokes, which the majority of Bluetooth pedals do.

iGigBook will turn pages forward and backwards when using a Bluetooth Foot Pedal that can send up arrow(previous page) and down arrow(next page) keys. Pages will turn using the pedal whenever you are viewing a PDF page.

More information about iGigBook and Bluetooth foot pedals can be found here:iGigBook and Bluetooth Foot Pedals - Android/iOS
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