Last version has the same old issues, and more.... ★★★★

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Last version has the same old issues, and more.... ★★★★

Postby Phil Smith » Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:07 am

by nachobass - Version 1.90 - Oct 8, 2013

This is a wonderful app! It is extremely useful.. I strongly recommend this to all musicians. It is wonderful how you can search for tunes or composers, and it comes very handy at gigs. But it could be nice if they could fix a couple of things.. Starting with the new color at the bottom menu, which makes it hard to read what it says there.. (Seriously, yellow and white over yellow?) Page turns should be way faster. This should be like a real page turn, and not wait about a second before it turns. Some songs are three or more pages long, and this delay makes it a big drag. Normally, on real paper, a player will reach the page and turn the page quickly, because the hands need to be back on the instrument. I would suggest that the turns are either instant, or that an option to regulate that speed is added to the app. Then, whenever I'm viewing a song and I decide to add it to a set list using the + sign on the top right, the app adds the song, but it takes you out of the PDF file back onto the song list. This could become a little annoying if you just want to go through a book and make a selection, because you always have to go back and find the page you where in (and don't forget the slow page turns in view mode). It would be great if after adding the song the app just stays on the current page, without assuming that the user would like to exit (which would be just a simple touch on the 'back' button, anyways). Also, when I correct the offset of a certain book and I'm not connected to the Internet, then all the books go back to the old offset as soon as the app re-syncs.. This is pretty annoying, because it's very hard to keep track of all the changes. And, why not, perhaps there could be a way for users to submit more song index files, or at least to share them through a website, so that more books could be added. I hope you can take these into consideration.. I think it would enhance this app a lot. Thank you!!

The color change you are experiencing is a result of us still tweaking the app for iOS 7. Devices using a prior version of iOS are experiencing the yellow bar at the bottom along with yellow back buttons. The next version will correct this.

The slow page turns are related to the the particular PDF you may be using. If the PDF has large images i.e. larger than the screen of the device, that PDF is going to be slow primarily because it requires more resources to render the page. If you're using an original iPad i.e. the 1st gen this would be a problem due to that devices small amount of internal memory. We always recommend that users remove all other apps from the background when using iGigBook for best results.

Yes it's true that if you set an offset of a book and aren't connected to the internet, that change will not be reflected on the iGigBook server. Setting the offset should be a very limited event since once it's correct it doesn't need to be reset. We recommend setting offsets when you have an internet connection.

You are able to create your own indexes and to share those index with other iGigBook users.

by nachobass - Version 1.95 - Nov 20, 2013

I used to recommend this app a lot, but considering its high price, and the fact that the developers don't seem to bother into fixing the problems, I can't keep recommending it anymore. I've purchased the app when it first came out and even though it went through quite a few updates, I haven't seen any changes and all the same problems remain the same. For example, many of the indexes have mistakes (song names, artists names, etc.), and there's no way to fix that. Also, the app has a tedious system of 'syncing' to the website, which, in many cases (at least if you, like me, don't have constant access to the internet), it ends up being an 'de-syncing' process. Also, there's a very annoying bug, when you are searching through a book and decide to add a certain song to a list (by pressing the plus sign), then the app takes you back to the book index, instead of leaving you just where you are, as if the app assumed you are already done searching and you are not planning on searching some more. The app should add the song and leave you just there, viewing the same song you were before pressing the add (plus) button (you could simply use the 'back' button, if you wanted to leave). Otherwise, you are always forced to go back into the book and scroll all the way down (and did I mention the app's delayed page turns?). Also, why can't you simply download all indexes and then turn them on and off from within the app. It would save a lot of time on going sick and forth to the website.
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