Newly Restored MacBook - Unable to re-install iGigbook

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Newly Restored MacBook - Unable to re-install iGigbook

Post by » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:38 am

Using iTunes, clicked purchase iGigbook. Got message saying I already owned iGigbook. Button changed from Buy to Update which I clicked.

The downloaded installer did not work. The iGigBook icon appeared but did not function, so I erased igigbook from my apps. Now when I use iTunes to go to iGigbook site, the download button shows "DOWNLOADED" and is inactive.

Also, I requested and received my password in email. I am able to login to my iPad version of iGigbook. However when trying to login to this site with the same email address and password, I get password error.

Is there a way to use my iPad to connect with pdf files in dropbox or must I use my MacBook to setup access to my sheetmusic?

Please help,

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Re: Newly Restored MacBook - Unable to re-install iGigbook

Post by Phil Smith » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:38 pm

If you get a password error for the forum it means you have reset your password using the forum software because initially the passwords are the same when you first register. You will have to use the password reset feature again to set your password to the password you use for otherwise you will have two different passwords, one for this forum and one for

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