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Wish list: Index/My Scores toggle on Song Search

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:56 pm
by spinality
The Set List Manager provides a search toggle to select from Indexed titles vs My Scores. I wish this same toggle were provided on the Song Search page, so that these two mechanisms worked in the same way. We fall into repetitive habits, especially under time pressure, and it's disruptive for me that I search for titles in two similar but slightly different ways, depending on whether I'm editing the set list or looking for titles outside a set list. So it would save me time if this same toggle were available for all searches. (As I've said elsewhere, I'd also really like a global setting that would cause both types of searches to look in BOTH places automatically -- indexed titles and My Scores filenames -- but I realize that this might not be useful to enough people to justify the work.)