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flute dude
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Improved Usage Idea

Post by flute dude » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:29 am

Greetings all, love the app, use it every week on gigs.

One thing I find a bit cumbersome is quickly searching for songs that have apostrophes in the title, like "I Can't Get Started etc."

On the iPad of course you have to go to the go to the numeric menu to get the apostrophe character.

Might it be possible that the apostrophe's could be ignored in searches?

Is there a downside I don't see?

It's just a search, it would make it a bit quicker on stage where sometimes the next song communication is hard to hear and guys are changing their minds mid-sentence so you might have to search a couple of songs, one after another.

Just and idea, anybody agree or am I barking up a tree?

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Phil Smith
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Re: Improved Usage Idea

Post by Phil Smith » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:47 am

In the example you cited "I Can't Get Started", typing "get s" shows me pretty much every version of that song. Whereas typing "I Can't" shows me all of the titles that have "I Can't", tweaking the search to ignore the apostrophe would result in the same issue as far as the results are concerned.

The take away here is that with searches your success has a lot to do with what text you choose to search for. I know you were using "I Can't Get Started" as an example however unless the song was titled "I Can't" I would always begin my search with what I would think is the most unique thing about the title that would get me the most relevant results.

TLDR; Search-Foo is more important than getting to the apostrophe.

Here's a tip: Swipe up on the , (comma) key to enter an apostrophe.
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flute dude
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Re: Improved Usage Idea

Post by flute dude » Fri Jan 08, 2016 11:41 am

Thanks for the reply, I am usually pretty good with the search text but have run into the issue I needed the apostrophe, I probably didn't use the best example.

The Swipe up trick is a good, will remember that for sure that makes it a lot easier.



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Re: Improved Usage Idea

Post by spinality » Tue Feb 09, 2016 3:47 am

I agree that searching for unique substrings is the way to go, and it's often amusing how few keystrokes can zero in on what you want.

That being said, I do wish there were an option to ignore all punctuation. There are times that I can't find a particular chart, even though I know it's there, and it often turns out there is some odd punctuation or typo in the title. Another reason I'd like this is that this approach would be more likely to list tunes of the same name together, even if punctuated differently. Otherwise the presence of a comma or apostrophe may cause it to sort with other tunes. Moreover, there are a few titles that are simply hard to enter without punctuation getting involved.

Finally, from a human factors standpoint, the newbie is most likely to start typing the name of the tune from the beginning. All my bandmates do this, and I can't break them of the habit. So they usually can't find tunes that start with "It's". :)

I realize it wouldn't be simple, but I thought I'd mention some further thoughts about why this would be helpful if ever possible. Personally I create all my indices without punctuation. The titles look odd (Aint Misbehavin, Dont be that way, Lets fall in love, etc.) but they are easy to find.

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