iGigBook for Kindle Fire?

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James Stamper
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iGigBook for Kindle Fire?

Post by James Stamper » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:19 pm

Now that the iGigBook is available for Android, what's the outlook for the iGigBook on Kindle Fire? I bought iGigBook for iOS a year or so ago to use on my daughter's iPad, but as that device belonged to the school she was attending, we no longer have that, and it has been wiped, so I believe my license is still valid. I just bought a Kindle Fire HD 10, and since the Kindle OS is an Android variant, I hope to install iGigBook on it. But it is not available on the Kindle App Store. I see that it is possible to "sideload" APK versions of Android Apps from some 3rd party sites, but none of the reputable APK sites that I've visited have iGigBook. And the dodgy sites look like software pirates - no way I'm doing that. Is there a legit APK site where I can buy iGigBook (or better yet, activate my existing license)? Are there plans to make it available on the Kindle App Store? I bought MobileSheets, which is OK, but I'd much rather use iGigBook.

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Phil Smith
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Re: iGigBook for Kindle Fire?

Post by Phil Smith » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:16 am

To purchase iGigBook for Android you would need to install the Google Play app on your Kindle Fire.
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