Recover or auto-save unsaved note text

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Recover or auto-save unsaved note text

Post by spinality » Mon May 08, 2017 1:57 am

When adding notes, I sometimes inadvertently touch the screen in the wrong place before saving the new note, and lose the text and format details I've just entered. This is especially likely when standing on stage, where precise movement is more difficult. Obviously I can just create a new note and retype the text, but when it's complex this can be a little time consuming. It would be wonderful if the note editor could help in this situation, e.g. by either: a) automatically saving an unsaved note, rather than just discarding it, b) prompting to save an unsaved note, c) copying the unsaved note text to the clipboard, or d) if a new note is created before leaving the page, populating it using the text from the last unsaved note.

If any of these or some other approach would be relatively easy to implement, it would be a help for those of us who often need to add notes on the fly. It also might help with a learning curve issue that I've seen with some new users, who don't remember to use the save icon and are then surprised to see their notes disappear.

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