Add Pen/Stylus Drawing support for Annotations & Notes

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Add Pen/Stylus Drawing support for Annotations & Notes

Post by Jmilitsc » Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:35 am

iGigBook is a great app, i use it for rehearsals, gigs and practice all the time on my iPad.

the one feature it's most lacking for tablets is the ability to draw freehand on a given page. the annotation editor is crucial, but it's extremely cumbersome while editing on the fly in a gig or rehearsal situation where time is never on your side.

having the ability to simply draw and write notes using a stylus would speed that up exponentially. To be honest, handwritten notes would be my preferred editing mode anyway because I currently have to fiddle with font size/color, text box coloring, etc. all of that is really time consuming and impractical for most situations.

I'm a big fan in general, and I'd rather not have to switch to ForScore, which has some really nice looking drawing capabilities... hint! :)


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