Feature Request (Housekeeping with iTunes)

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Feature Request (Housekeeping with iTunes)

Post by rpmseattle » Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:07 am

Hi Phil -

My feature request (if it doesn't already exist!) - I'd *love* a mechanism to create folders for various groupings of MyScores, not so much for working within iGigbook itself, but for organizing things in a logical way when I'm in iTunes.

I'm starting to get a lot of individual charts in My Scores. Terrific and useful to be able to do this. However, in iTunes iGigBook documents, I'm getting a rather unwieldy list of Gig Books, Preferences, Bookmarks and My Scores.

You might ask why I'm not using larger, combined files along with Bookmarks, so there are fewer files in the iTunes list. The answer is, I do.

The Bookmarks feature works *great*, BTW, and a number of My Scores utilize bookmarks, but a lot of what I am doing is adding an individual chart or two for a specific situation. Most of this music, I'll want to access later, so it usually goes on living in iGigBook. A group of custom songs that might later become a "set", I'll combine into a single file with bookmarks, but a lot of these little song additions don't really function like that.

Anyway, as the subject suggests this is more of a housekeeping request for the iTunes interface as much as anything - My Scores works great as designed in the app itself.

If this is already possible somehow, I'd love to know how to do this and if not, thanks for your consideration of this as a feature request for even greater organization.


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