Dealing with unsupported songs in Setlists

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Dealing with unsupported songs in Setlists

Post by jackkrupicka » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:41 am

Hi Phil.

Really like iGigBook. Used it last night for a jazz duet.

So here's my request. I would like to add song names to my song list, inside the app, that have no PDF associated with them.

Why? I get to a gig and somebody says, 'hey I want to play XYZ tonight, do you know it?' We all do. It's what I call a 'head tune'. Or, somebody else has brought a suitcase full of their own custom fake books, hands them out and says 'we'll play ABC on page 20'. I would like to be able to use the iGigBook in-app keyboard to type in the name of the song, followed by a brief description, like 'Head tune in Bb' or 'Jim's Book pg 20'. Now I can create a set list at the last minute, completely inside the iGigBook app, without pulling up a separate text editor, that covers ALL the songs for the set, rather than just the songs that are in iGigBook.

Ideally, these song names would be searchable, and when opened would show the brief description. They could be put in a Book titled 'No Chart', or something like that. Perhaps the song names would be bolded or underlined or followed by an asterisk to easily show the lack of content.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Re: Dealing with unsupported songs in Setlists

Post by Phil Smith » Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:33 pm

You be able to make use of the Set List Note feature, it's the icon that looks like a paper clip at the upper right of the Gig Set View.
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