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Suggestion for website - one page

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Hi there.
I would like to suggest a much more usable and faster interface for the content manager site.
I have used the content manager website a bit to switch indexes on and off, and I find it quite tedious.
If you had all of the indexes on one page, with check boxes for each one - all on the same page - then I could just turn my indexes on and off as needed and click/press Save once. This would save many many clicks and page loads. Even if the initial large page took longer to load, the result would be much faster and nicer. I'm sure you could use much of the same code to make this happen.
Also, it would be nice to optimise the site to look better on the iPad. Obviously most people will access it from an iPad, so having a more iPad-friendly site would make sense.
... please consider...

Here are some comments from the reviews page that show I'm not the only one who thinks this part could use a tweak.
" the website where the indexes are is "unconventional" in design and functionality"
"Only thing is I would make the website where you update the app information is to make it more user friendly."

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