anyone want to collaborate in making Bb and Eb indexes?

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anyone want to collaborate in making Bb and Eb indexes?

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I'm writing out custom indexes for Bb and Eb books (classic 1,2,3 and New Real 1,2,3). Anyone want to help and then we can share?

I know I shouldn't have to write my own, but the instructions given by igigbook to use Bb and Eb books don't work for me, even with the New Real book which has almost all the same songs. I tried adding pages to the pdf AND renumbering to match so both the physical page AND the "numbered" page is the same as the New Real book yet it still won't take me to the right page.

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Re: anyone want to collaborate in making Bb and Eb indexes?

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It's far easier to correct a PDF than to create an index. Note, I'm trying to save you time and energy and attempting to fill in the gaps of understanding you have about what's going on.

The Classic Real Books should be identical across transposition, if yours isn't, things are missing or out of order and can be quickly fixed if you have the source material. Review your material and you'll quickly see what's wrong with it.

We have separate indexes for the Bb and Eb versions of the New Real Book because they differ from the C book.

It looks like you downloaded material where the person that did the scanning took short cuts, meaning, leaving photos and in some cases songs out of the PDF. My reccomendation obtain the actual books, scan and add the missing pages.
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