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How do I create my own index?

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:38 am
by abomic
Hello I am French, sorry for my bad English

Some expectations and suggestions ...

- it would be handy if you could insert negative values ​​for example -13

- why is it not possible to print pages from the Android version while the IOS version Apple allows this function?

- the only very time-consuming solution is to make a screenshot to print the current page and it clogs the memory of the device.
- another solution that takes time: to locate the page of the PDF in your software and then to fetch the original PDF by opening it with ADOBE ACROBAT. It is empirical and tiring!

- when do you integrate the SHARE & (or) PRINT function in the ANDROID version?
- Would you have a suggestion of alternative free or paid software able to relay to this lack?

- I can commit to translating the document "Tap Here" For Help "but where is it written in the internal memory and in what format, with what name?
- would it be possible to create a Section FRENCH "Français"

- after a lot of patience because not speaking English, I found that many users were wasting lots of time with indexes, and having to test several different PDFs to find the ones that fit your indexes? Would it be possible for you to provide a complete list associated with a reliable link indicating the complete indexes and also an image of the document sought?


I would like to add in French below the translation of my post, as much for the understanding of my personal use as other French who do not buy your software because of a complexity agravé by the misunderstanding of the " English.


Bonjour je suis français , sorry for mon mauvais anglais

quelques attentes et suggestions...

- ce serait pratique si l'on pouvait insérer des valeurs négatives par exemple -13

- pourquoi n'est t'il pas possible d'imprimer des pages à partir de la version Android alors que la version IOS Apple permet cette fonction ?

- la seule solution très chronophage est de faire une copie d'écran pour imprimer la page en cours et ça encombre la mémoire de l'appareil .
- autre solution qui prend du temps : repérer la page du PDF dans votre logiciel puis aller chercher le PDF original en l'ouvrant avec ADOBE ACROBAT. c'est empirique et fatigant !

- quand pensez vous intégrer la fonction PARTAGE & (ou) IMPRESSION dans la version ANDROID ?
- auriez vous en attendant une suggestion de logiciel alternatif gratuit ou payant capable de relayer à ce manque ?

TUTO Français - TRADUIRE "HOW TO" :idea:
- je peux m'engager à traduire le document "Tap Here" For Help" mais ou se trouve t'il inscrit dans la mémoire interne et sous quel format , avec quel nom ?
- serait t'il possible de créer une Section FRENCH "Français"

- après beaucoup de patience car ne parlant pas anglais , j'ai constaté que beaucoup d'utilisateurs perdaient beaucoup de temps avec les index , et obligés de tester plusieurs PDF différents pour trouver ceux qui correspondent à vos index ? serait t'il possible que vous fournissiez une liste complète associée à un lien fiable indicant les index complets et aussi une image du document recherché ?


je me permets d'ajouter en français ci dessous la traduction de mon post , autant pour la compréhension de mon usage personnel que d'autres Français qui n'achètent pas votre logiciel à cause d'une complexité agravée par l'incompréhension de l'anglais.

Re: How do I create my own index?

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:05 am
by Phil Smith
1. You can enter negative offsets.

2. For printing, iOS has more advanced sharing capabilities and more advanced PDF capabilities than Android.

3. Different language translations is another project and we're not selling enough Android versions yet.

4. We provide a complete list of the indexes offered. Each book has an index inside of it that a user can verify that all of the pages that are present and in the correct order. You download a PDF for free of a paper book that cost $20 or more, the least you can do is verify that all of the pages are present and in the correct order. We provide a way to handle PDF with varying amounts of material in the beginning of the book that works very well. When pages are missing or rearranged you have to review the book and figure out where the pages are missing or where the pages are not in the correct order. You can only doing that by reviewing the book and that is your responsibility.

Re: How do I create my own index?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:52 am
by abomic

I understood that it was possible to create new indexes and references for PDF books other than those listed in your listing! ?
I think for example to create references and indexes for French books!

I went through the FAQ & HOW TO list and found only this post that is insufficiently documented to be truly functional:
"How To Create Your Own Book For Your Custom Book" :|

If possible, concretely:
- screenshots & videos Youtube
- a complete step-by-step demonstration
- a concrete example of an index already written for existing books

thank you in advance ... :)

Here is my goal:
Michel POLNAREFF Past Present 39 Titles 160 pages
Publisher Paul Beuscher 33 €
Commercial link: ... itare.html

Is it possible to create a code? for example : polpp39 ?
And then integrate this complete book into MY BOOK?
To see the PNG picture 320x240 and take advantage of the search mode?

If there is a post "HOW TO" answering my questions thank you to indicate it for the benefit of the greatest number and can be to the benefit of a popularity of iGigBook on Android

Re:How do I create my own index?

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:55 am
by Phil Smith
Creating your own index is explained here: How To Create Your Own Book Index For Your Custom Book