Wrong title appears in Search for set list

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Wrong title appears in Search for set list

Post by cfaniani »

I'm making a set list and I Search for titles and add them to the set list. Easy enough...usually. Today I searched for Exactly Like You and the PDF for Help Me Rhonda showed up. After many tries,, renaming, restarting, resorting, I just loaded Rhonda to the set list but Interestingly enough, Exactly Like You shows up when I get the the Gig set view. Bizarre, yes? I'm using all handmade PDF charts that I scan in myself. I've had previous sets where I've called up either and both tunes with no problem. Please advise.
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Re: Wrong title appears in Search for set list

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Can you post a screen capture that illustrates what you are experiencing? Screen capture = hold power button and press the home key.
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