iGigBook Version 2.70 For Android

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iGigBook Version 2.70 For Android

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Minor bug fixes.

New feature that sets offsets for you automatically!
How To Adjust An Index To Fit Your PDF - Android Notes
When viewing a PDF page from an indexed book, tapping with 4 fingers displays a dialog that allows you to check to see if the offset you have set is correct. If the offset is correct, the page number on the sheet music you are viewing will correspond with the number displayed in the dialog box. If the numbers are different, meaning the item you selected has a different title than the music displayed, simply enter the page number displayed on the sheet music and the correct offset will be set for you.

New feature that links a PDF to an index for you automatically!
New User Super Simple Index Tutorial! Android Addendum
When you press and hold an item in the My Scores view your are presented with a dialog that allows you to rename the PDF to the book code required to link that PDF to an index or you can select an index from a list of indexes that do not have a PDF already linked to them.
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Re: iGigBook Version 2.70 For Android Now Available

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Phil I just tried both new features on my Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2) and both worked perfectly. THANKS SO MUCH.