iGigBook Version 3.7 For Android Tablets

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iGigBook Version 3.7 For Android Tablets

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Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Chord chart tweaks for 4:3 ratio devices.
  • Single Index System display tweaks.
  • Gig Set viewer tweaks.
  • Fix for some devices not display a minus sign allowing entry of negative offsets.
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Re: iGigBook Version 3.7 For Android Tablets Now Available

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Thank you for recognizing your mistakes! :)
Especially for the correction of the bugg of the negative offset (-) which was impossible on Tablet Samsung Tab S2 and which now is possible!

the PRINT function is still awaited on Android!
According to qq friends computer scientists, it is one of the easiest functions to implant, especially since it exists for a long time on the IOS version! :oops: