iGigBook Version 1.51

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iGigBook Version 1.51

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My Scores View Changes:
More control over when files in the iGigBook Documents folder are scanned, which will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes the view to load after the iGigBook has been removed from memory and no files have been added, changed or deleted.

PDF View Changes:
The dimmer function has been removed and replaced with a Quick View Switcher that allows jumping from one view to another without having to back out of the view hierarchy.

Set List Manager Changes:
Selecting a search result displays a page preview that is useful when viewing multiple results for the same song in different books.

Bug Fix:
Swiping from song to song is now tracked so that the current song being viewed is correctly added to a set as opposed to the song that was initially selected.
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Re: iGigBook Version 1.51 Now Available

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Wonderful enhancements. It's great for new useful features to emerge so quickly. Thanks for your continuous efforts. - Trevor