Version 1.35

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Version 1.35

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Zoom level lock - pinch to zoom supports lock current zoom level by tapping the screen with two fingers(at the same time, not a double tap).

My Scores refresh option - detects when there is a possibility files have been added or deleted from the iGigBook Documents folder via iTunes and allows you to decide whether you want to refresh the folder or not. This is handy if you have hundreds or thousands of files in your documents folder which will show up in the My Scores section.

Redesign of My Scores view so that it mirrors the Book List view. The My Scores list indicates the number of pages in each PDF score found.

Foreign language characters will now display correctly in all of the views. It will require a re-sync, once you get version 1.35 to see the corrections. Re-syncing with a version prior to 1.35 will have no effect, repeat, will have no effect. :D

A new iGigBook icon, the avatar reflects the new icon.
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