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iGigBook Android/iOS

Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:13 am
by SiteAdmin
iGigBookâ„¢ is the next generation PDF sheet music viewer for the iPad. Join the growing number of musicians who are lightening their load. Say goodbye to heavy and non-searchable stacks of books and binders. Say hello to having quick access to your entire music collection wherever you go. Step up and begin using the tool the pros reach for when they need the ability to get to the music they have in a hurry. With iGigBook you can be confident that when the tune is called, you can find it and display it, in seconds, if you have it.

How many times have you been at that jam session fumbling through books to find the tune that was called? With iGigBook, there is no fumbling, search for the song you need and in seconds you're ready to play it.

How many hours have you spent putting together binders of music only to omit the one tune that you didn't think would be called? With iGigBook you're entire music collection is with you on one device with the power to search through all of your music to find what you need.

Can you afford to not use the one tool that's going to make more music available to you on a gig or jam session? Being more confident can have a substantial positive impact on your playing and with iGIgBook you have one less thing to worry about beccause you know your music is there and available when you need it.

Take a look at the features:

Turn pages wirelessly and hands free - Use our free iGBPager app to turn pages your iPad using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

External monitor support - View two pages side by side using an external monitor and combine this feature with the wireless page turning support to create a music presentation system that you can control remotely.

Set List Manager - Create sets, arrange items in set, add or remove items from the set.

Set List Viewer - Display items in set to quickly access what you will perform

Set List Notes - Indicate gig details, performance notes, band member info, directions and more.

Share Set Lists - Email Set List to band members.

Book Builder - Create a PDF book from items in your Set List.

Automatic Bookmarks - Over 30 popular Jazz fake and real books indexed and bookmarked for you makes searching and set list building a breeze.

Manual Bookmarks - Easily book mark any page or group of pages in a larger score and place that item in a set list.

Organize individual scores - Convenient ** My Scores ** section allows you to easily search for all of your un-indexed scores

Organize popular fake and real books - Our book view already knows about the items in your book so that you can just add your book and search it by song title or composer.

Song Title Search - Find the song you want no matter which of your books it's located in, in just seconds! Perfect for finding the exact version and arrangement of the song that you need.

Composer Search - Looking for all of the tunes by Antonio Carlos Jobim? iGigBook finds all of the songs in all of the books so that you can pick the best representation and arrangement that you have.

True full page display of your sheet music, no menu bars, footers, status bars, just the sheet music.

* iGigBookâ„¢ does not provide any PDF content, you the user must provide your own PDF content.

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:10 pm
by SiteAdmin