How I optimized my Books

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How I optimized my Books

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"Fortunately" I was in bed with flue this week when I started with iGigBook and iGigBookMobile.

It took some time to understand how this tool and the concept works. Perhaps it could be possible to create even better step-by-step instructions?
I know, the topic and all the functions are not really_really easy. A software like this can only work in conjunction with some sort of "every-now-and-then" server connection. At least to setup the indexes you want to have on your device.

Now when it's all up and working much more is clear to me...

What I did before I started to upload books to my iPad:

In a (very) long batch process I OCR'd all my books with Acrobat Pro with the output set to 150 dpi.
The OCR in itself is not the "main thing" - but the OCR does one really good thing! It performs a pretty good horizontal alignment on all pages. Afterwards all the "bad" scans suddenly looks pretty good :-)

The good side effect is that my real books now are searchable - even if usable text only can be found on the index pages... But later that pdf can be searched through with acrobat or preview. Even a spotlight search will find titles in the OCR:ed books. OK... sometimes the OCR fails...
Although I find it pretty cool.

One hint OCR with Acrobat Pro - sooner or later you will get an error saying "cant ocr this page". The best way to continue is to tick the "ignore this" checkbox and then choose "cancel". Sounds strange with cancel? But if you do that the process will continue without error messages and all pages will be straightened up to fairly good horizontal alignment.

In my case (37 books) I was able to shrink the file size around 30% with the 150 dpi setting - saving some space on my iPad for other things.

Jörgen Aström

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