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Managing multiple "libraries" on Android

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:00 pm
by spinality
Here is a technique that may be useful for other Android users with large libraries of diverse material. I have several discrete sets of music that I use in different situations, and I'd prefer not to see all the thousands of titles from these sets intermingled during searches. On the Android platform, all iGigBook files are stored in a directory called ../igigbook. By using a file manager app, I can make multiple copies of this folder with different names (../igigbook_classical, ../igigbook_jazz, ../igigbook_practice, etc.), copy additional material to the appropriate folders, and then simply rename a desired target folder as ../igigbook when switching to that context. Doing this takes a few steps; but it is safe, not too time-consuming, and lets me keep My Scores limited to specific material. Of course, you must start with a good common set of files, in sync with (Phil, if you ever see enough demand for it, an option to select a top-level library directory other than ../igigbook would be helpful, for me at least.)