Download App : Message Unfortunate igig has STOPPED

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Jason Mason
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Download App : Message Unfortunate igig has STOPPED

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Hi Phil,

I have 3 Nexus 10 tablets. When I only owned 1 of these several years ago it was Lolliop 5.1.1. [ It remains one of my fxal tablets]
Recently purchased 2 other Nexus 10's. They were upgraded to Lineage 6.0 Custom Recovery + Custom ROM [Lineage] and they also are
Rooted. In learning how to flash and custom recovery I have WIPED these devices multiple times. Each time being able to install igigbook
without any procedural problems that I could not handle. I finally have finished their final configuration: they are exactly the same at this
point. With one I downloaded igigbook. Used MTP in Android to display the device. Added 50 transcription PDFs to My List + 7 Real Books. Not all indexed properly but that is a different matter. I have tried multiple times on the "last" Nexus to download/ Uninstall and redownload from the Playstore. No problem seems apparent in the downloading process. BUT when I launch the app instant MESSAGE : <<Unfortunately igigbook has you want to report >>>> When connect the device via USB to PC there is no FOLDER for igigbook. In ES File Explorer pro there is NO FOLDER for igigbook. In X-plore it is present under app manager when you touch to open : same message <<Unfotunately igigboo has stopped....
It seems apparent that it really isn't installed correctly/ only partially. It is Totally NONFXAL.

Any thoughts helpful

I do not remember encountering this in the many times over the years that I installed the program.
Thank you for the program and the help


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Phil Smith
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Re: Download App : Message Unfortunate igig has STOPPED

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Take a look at this topic:

You're using a custom ROM, we know that the app works fine on the stock ROM issued by Google and by Cyanogenmod because we have a Nexus 10 and tested it. If after consulting the link provided you're still having problems, I would suggest you switch to the Google ROM or Cyanogenmod.
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