Book Will Not Completely Display

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Book Will Not Completely Display

Post by kbakervt »

Hello, Phil and All--

One of my books, try as I might, will not center. Only the right side of the page (about a sixth of it) is displaying on the left side. I've tried every trick to reformat the PDF (Real Book Vol II 2nd ed - realbk2h.pdf), including:

--appending a working book with the non-working book and deleting the parent book (trying to get the new book to inherit the other book's settings)
--various Document Properties controls in Adobe Acrobat in resizing and centering

I could live without one book, but I'm not giving up, yet.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I'm really enjoying your program and have added multiple indices for my use. It has become my go-to on any jazz or general business gig.


K. Baker

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Re: Book Will Not Completely Display

Post by Phil Smith »

Try posting a screen capture the illustrates specifically what you mean. Screen capture = hold power button and press the home key.
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