Igigbook android support for large-screen-phones?

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Igigbook android support for large-screen-phones?

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I am using igigbook and igigbook mobile since many years in apple devices. Last year I purchased a 12" Samsung tablet and I purchased igigbook for it. I can say it works great! Android is very fast and responsive and I am very happy with my purchase(both android device and igigbook).
I recently purchased a new powerful android 'phablet' device with 6,47" screen. I wonder if it's possible to run igigbook on it, since I see there is no igigbook mobile available on Android phones and I see igigbook app 'not compatible with this device' from my Google play store.
Is it possible to enable igigbook to large-screen android phones ( >6 inch-size phablet are almost like tablet I have many other apps that work fine in my phablet like in my tablet) or do you plan to release an equivalent igigbook mobile app for Android phones so that I can purchase it? I really need it...
Thanks a lot!

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Re: Igigbook android support for large-screen-phones?

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You won't be able to install iGigBook on an Android phone because it's designed to work on a tablet and none of the phones are large enough to meet the minimum screen requirements.

You won't see a version of it for an Android phone because there is no demand for a phone version on Android or iOS. No demand means no revenue and it cost money to develop and maintain an app. Sales of the Android version of the app are even lower than iPhone version by an order of magnitude and because of that it doesn't make sense to allocate resources to develop a version for an Android phone.
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