Register and login not possible

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Register and login not possible

Post by writer1999 »

Hello! I have just purchased the app and I'm trying to register and log in using an iPad.

On the iPad, I have registered with the username writer1990, my email address, and entered the password twice, as requested.

But then, I am not able to log in with that same username and password. Not on the iPad, and also not on the web page iPad gives the popup error message "Login: Incorrect Username/Email or Password." When I try to log in at, I simply get the same login popup again--not other message appears.

However, I am able to log in with my email address, on both the iPad and on

So, trying to fix my username, I went to your web site and clicked on "Lost Password" and entered my username writer1990, and it says that username does not exist!

So, I tried to register again with the username writer1990, on the iPad, and it says "Username Already in Use".

So my username is stuck. One of your programs says the username doesn't exist, and another one says it does. But it works everywhere with my email. Can you please reset my username, or whatever you have to do to get this working?

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Re: Register and login not possible

Post by Phil Smith »

You registered with user name “writer1999”, try logging in with that user name.
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