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Help, totally lost

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:08 am
by Maxpower
I have been for weeks trying to get this programme to work for me on my Ipad.
Ive spoken with the "help " and they have sent me various solutions, none of which I can get to work as is described. Also which does not help s that I do not know where the messages are sent to, as the disappear.
I have tried all the guides which say do this, then do that, but in some cases its not clear as to what folder,file, book etc etc is being referred to.
To put it into context.I do not want to use the Indexes that are there, so the only Book showing is "Sample".
I have 150 pdfs in My Scores, but if I press on one pdf to link with the Sample Book nothing shows. I guess because there is not the relevant name in the Index of Sample Book. So How do I setup a Book of my own.
The I am experiencing difficulties when it comes to adding Backing tracks etc.
Reference is made that they should be in the library, "Which Library" in Itunes or Ipad.
Whichever, How do I get the Songs into where they are to go, so they can be linked to the respective score.
I feel like Im an idiot as I cannot get this sorted in my head, Im not unfamiliar with programmes/apps with Apple equipment.
This is my last cry for help.

Re: Help, totally lost

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:20 am
by Phil Smith
If you do not want to use indexes do not try to link any PDF in the My Scores view to an index.

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