Want to see ALL song entries

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Re: Want to see ALL song entries

Post by toranpetto » Sun Dec 02, 2012 8:07 pm

Hi Phil, thanks for your reply.

In this combined index, the number of songs beginning with the letter S, say, would of course depend on how many books I've uploaded to my ipad - I don't have all 60 of the books you've provided indexes for. Incidentally, in any given set of songs, I should think that the number which _contain_ an S in the title would be several times greater than the number which begin with S - but in any case, I take your point that the number might still be quite large.

The people I play with mostly tend to play from any of the classic Real Book or New Real Book volumes, so I guess I could amend my wish that it be possible to make a combined index from a set of my preferred books - e.g. those 6 volumes. I guess I could make my own combined index by pasting together the existing indexes and using the bulk upload - but as far as I can see I can't download them to work with, can I? I'm certainly not about to embark on such an epic undertaking from scratch!