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Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:17 am
by Jason Mason
Well I must agree with some of the frustration, but I won't linger. I have Pdf for 20-30 Fake Books and Sync w/ DropBox to put them on to Nexus 10 Tab(5.1.1.). First step is I have to rename each of those in DropBox so they correspond to the Index listing.
What are the specific index parameters in relation to the particular editions. I do not know what editions the PDF's are..
Real Book 1 : Real Book 2 ...New Real Book 1 : New Real Book 2....etc. Are there mulitple Editions and how can they be accounted for, if they can. The instructions say to "type" in the upper Rt Corner the "corrected index name" HOLD finger there
and press "sync"...I sync...Folder Rescan....Results "0"...Unindexed...
It is the "linking" which is problemmatic. Going to DropBox and Hiliting PDF gives one the Option to "Open with this app .igigbook is chosen but results remain same....
Most questions refer to iTunes and 'sync". This is Android and "sync".
I also had a difficult time in understanding the Registration Process...It is easy to say "upfront" that not only must one first purchase and install the app BUT then when you go to the forum you do not register from the forum but from the "registration GUI within the app itself. There is NO NEW REGISTRATION in the forum.

Some help appreciated and direction helpful.


Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 1:21 am
by Jason Mason
Jason again,

I'm sorry I did not include the information that I had purchased the "indexing" app also. I was using that to attempt to link and sync the Pdf's. The purchase was only about 25 or so "indices" and it appears that there are 70 or so downloadable. Why weren't
the others included in the purchased app?

Thank you

Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 5:32 am
by Phil Smith
If you have PDF files on Drop Box, Google Drive, etc, you need to find a way to get them to your device and into the igigbook folder. Usually you can achieve this by placing the files in a folder on your computer and then connect your device via USB cable and copying those PDF files to the igigbook folder. This is usually a one time operation, copy the files over, process complete. This is covered here for both iOS and Android:

How To Add A PDF Book/Score To iGigBook

The key to successfully linking a PDF to an index is knowing what PDF you have. Each PDF has a clear and specific title and the edition is usually specified as well. Often times people acquire PDF files and do not check to see if that PDF has all of the pages and that all the pages are in the correct order. If you didn't scan the PDF yourself from a source that you yourself know and own, you do need to verify that PDF. This How To topic covers how to link a PDF to an index:

How To Use iGigBook Indexes

As for the registration process, the first topic in the Unregistered Users forum is this:


Additionally in the app itself, the icon titled "TAP HERE FOR HELP" has as it's 2nd entry "How To Register".

Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:06 pm
by Jason Mason
Well apology of sort is in order. I did not realize the Nexus 10 could be directly "cabled" via USB to my XPSP3 O/S. I was thinking that it required something like an OTG cable + a File Manager type APP. I installed DropBox into Nexus and wondered
HOW DO I create a FOLDER EXPLORER TREE. The Nexus 7 required the prior procedure when accessing DropBox, but
Just "cabled" the 2 devices (Computer and Nexus 10) and Lo and Behold it shows up as a "LOGICAL DRIVE". How easy. and How stupid of me.
Well I just copied all PDF's in DropBox from my XP to Nexus folder which was present as "igigbook". However it seems that "sync" was necessary IN ADDITION maybe to "link" the "registry" within iGigBook. I allowed it considerable time to sync. Seems "10" Real Books show in Book List: Touch icon and songs and music "shows" as should. The first Major step accomplished . Thank you.
Now I have 20 more PDFs within the igigbook folder. Many with very long names. I "typed" one of these "bluesfb.pdf" and
Hit "sync" button and appears that all 20 of the remaining PDF's are currently in My Scores. Second step accomplishished. Thanks
Seems still a little problem: In My Scores: I load a PDF . "swipe a opens then I swipe again....and I'm shuffled off to a different PDF. How do I commit to a specific pdf and turn the pages in just that one pdf sequentially.
What advise would you have: I have 40-50 PDF of transcribed BadenPowell pieces that I want to "import". Must I first print each, and create a PDF file folder to hold ALL of them. OR would "separate" installation be a better choice. If the former...How does one create an index for "combining individual pieces". Link helpful here.

Thanks again for your quick response and I and others just have to realize that each device has its own challenges as well as
its different O/S which does create a "cascade" of frustrating events.

Thanks again ...this really looks like a wonderfully promising app for "on the site gigging".


Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:09 pm
by Phil Smith
When you're in My Scores, and press the 1st icon at the top right, you are re-scanning the igigbook directory to see if any files have been added or removed. When you're in the Book List view, and press the 1st icon at the top right, you are contact the iGigBook server and pulling down indexes that you have marked active.

ReScan Unindexed scores then iGigBooks STOPS

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:54 pm
by Jason Mason
Thought things were going well till...I encountered Trouble.

Nexus 10 w/ USB opened in XPSP3 and copied all PDF's to iGigbook App into igigbook Folder. Names corrected prior to copy so they index and match. The Real Book PDF's (11 of them) display properly and sequence properly. At same time "copied" 15 other PDFs to the same igigbook Folder.< Book List> functions FINE.

My Scores has "19" PDF's listed # of with contained pages. When I type the first of the 19 listed PDF's :Sync : Message Reads
Unindexed Scores: Proceed with Folder Scan. FINAL MESSAGE a BUST:< Unfortunately iGigBook has Stopped > ..w/ possibility to Send Report :(to Google...not an iGigBook Message)

I attempted to clear the "igigbook" "Folder" {REDO EVERYTHING}. Reboot and totally REDO the process. Same Result several times with several different PDF's.....ALWAYS same message.

I have scoured the info for HELP and nothing addresses this. The only discrepancies were: I initially used DropBox (as I posted in another Post) and copied over PDF's. But I Deleted them. I have cleared that "Folder" multiple times and Rebooted and reconnected. The PDF's function fine in DropBox.
There is no display of "Sample Real Book" but a "iGigBook icon" with the "Colorado Cookbook"
(a PDF which I had loaded but non of the others "acquired" your LOGO so I don't whether I just loaded it or not. It is functional Nothing is grayed out and works. So if this is not the Sample.Book I have none.) I would not think that it matters if "Book List" is functional.
Reconnect the Nexus w/ USB to attempts to see it as "phone Device" and get Hardware Driver message :< Hardware found is MTP device > ...initially just seen as "NEXUS" . ...SYSTEM HANGS

Help Please a PM might be helpful



Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:28 am
by Jason Mason

I think I need to start this entire process over and from a fresh perspective. I need to Delete the existing iGigBook APP and Index App and begin again. How would I Properly Delete it from the Nexus 10 and can I then REINSTALL from Google play without a NEW charge.

I assume just "patching the Nexus 10" to PC and recognizing the Nexus 10 as a "logical drive" would allow me to manually "DELETE" all the Folders. Please correct this assumption.

I'm not IT but I am quite computer literate. I have build and configured many time several MULITPBOOT various O/S PC computers in recording studio environments. I'm not someone with "average" computer skills and this installation appears "corrupted": . Probably because I attempted 4-5 times w/ multiple "different" procedures to properly install with very limited success. Only the indexed Real Books show and function in <Books List>. <My Scores> shows a List of PDF's with #pages
and these "wrongly named files DO NOT physically EXIST in the igigbook Folder. They probably are a "legacy" from a previously incorrect install procedure. When I attempt to RESCAN . I get the beginning of a Rescan "yellow bar" but then MESSAGE <iGigbook must SHUT DOWN> Send Response to "Google

If interested in problem solving and learning I would profer my thoughts as to cause of failure but that would require PM correspondence. I would like to understand the failure process myself but I need someone willing to "walk with me down that path".

The instructions set currently is "valueless". We can try to correct but I really think it easier to start ANEW.

1. How do I totally Delete the apps in Nexus 10
2. Can I REDOWNLOAD w/o charge from google play
3. As an aside can I download (with the "one" purchase) " iGigbook" ALSO to my Nexus7. This would give me an alternate "trial run" for correcting my mistakes.

In log in window with USER NAME : "upper right corner" w/ drop down is that usual way to POST to old thread and How would on Create a New Topic

Thank you. I'd appreciate your thoughts and a quick respons so we can both "move on" here.


Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:51 am
by Phil Smith
I don't think you need to remove all of the files or uninstall the app.

The first thing to do is to make sure all other apps are closed and not hanging out in the background, this include iGigBook. The little square on the home screen of the tablet will show you what items are there. Often times a user will have lots of apps suspended and not even realize it and these apps are utilizing memory that you're going to need for iGigBook.

Connecting your device via USB allows access to external storage on your Nexus 10, this is how you copy files to the igigbook folder. The link I posted earlier has a screen shot of what that looks like. Don't delete files or folders unless you placed them there, deleting stuff that you don't know about is a sure fire way to wind up with a tablet that's not working right.

Take a look at the Quick Start guide located here:


It seems you may not fully understand that there are two parts of the app, one part for indexed PDFs which is the Book List view and one part for PDFs that are not indexed which is the My Scores view.

Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:21 pm
by Jason Mason

1.Cleared all "background" apps, including iGigBook. There were many apps since I just purchased and set up the tablet this week.
2. Connected Nexus thru USB to XPSP3 and shows as Logical Drive : I:\Nexus...down "storage folder into the APPs istallation Folders and created ANEW : igigbook Folder.
3. I then copied ALL PDF's (40 of them ) into that Folder. These include "indexed" and non indexed. I do Understand.
<It seems you may not fully understand that there are two parts of the app, one part for indexed PDFs which is the Book List view and one part for PDFs that are not indexed which is the My Scores view.>
4. Power down PC and disconnect. Open Tablet : Recheck ..NO background apps
5. Open iGigBook : Without my doing anything: All "indexed" PDF (11 of them) display : All are Functional, i.e Open: Page Sequence, etc. <Book List> Fully functional
6. Go to <My Scores> : I see a list of PDF'S. This listing is only a "PARTIAL" ("original") listing. It is the list of the first attempt to get my My Scores fxal. During the many failures.
I have "name corrected" and checked each PDF (made sure that Attribute:Properties: were not Read Only:) and I ADDED "20" more PDFs ( done Step #3) than the " Original". Those additional names do NOT display in <My Scores>. Several of the "non corrected naming" PDF's still show (the Original list has not changed to include any of the newly added PDF's to the internal
igigbook Folder.
7. I (as per your instructions). Go to <MyScores> : go to the "sync" symbol in an attempt to REFRESH and Scan.
Message : Unindexed Score: Proceed w/ Rescan....Yes
It begins the scan (I view the yellow bar fill) then MESSAGE: Unfortunately iGigbook has stopped. (Stops @ 30-40 of 50)
8. <My Scores> type the PDF in the upper right menu line.....attempt to RESCAN: same results. There exists a I mentioned the "original " list only. the # of pages is indicated. If I "swipe" the screen it moves me thru the "COVER PAGE"
of each PDF only not the content.
8. RESULTS the same as before. I have deleted no other file in iGigbook other than the 'igigbook file. NOTHING HAS CHANGED
I've just spent a great deal more time getting nowhere.
9. Could the Properties Attribution ( Read Only : Archive : etc) of the PDFs in any way affect what is happening here. I checked all these files and have opened each in Dropbox and in Adobe and they all "view"... Perfectly
10. I understand how to do this and why but it just is not happening for some reason....HELP NEEDED HERE

Thank you


Re: Moving PDF from DropBox on Android 5.

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:14 am
by Phil Smith
It looks like there's a problem with one of the PDF files that have been added which is why My Scores isn't finishing the refresh, here's what to do:

1. Remove the PDF files that do not show up in the My Scores list, at this point the refresh should work.

2. Add the files that you removed in step 1 in blocks of 5, i.e. add 5 files, attempt to refresh the My Scores view.

3. Keep track of the what's in the block of 5 that you added, so that you can remove them and then add each of the 5 one by one until you encounter the app closing. We'd like to take a look at that PDF once you have identified it.

You mentioned just seeing the "Cover Pages", take a look at the topic; How To Navigate While Viewing A PDF Page