Trying to Use Bulk Upload for My Own Book Index

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Trying to Use Bulk Upload for My Own Book Index

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I really like i Gig Book for the pre-created fakebooks but I gotta admit I'm super frustrated at this point (about 6 hours into trying to get this work) with creating my own index and using the bulk upload. I've tried three different formats this one like this; (and yes I have about 80 entries I'm just shown the first 10 or so here for illustration.)

[“African Skies Bb”],[1],[2],[”Brecker, Michael”]
[“Almost Like Being In Love Bb”],[3],[1],[”Loewe, Frederick”]
[“Along Came Betty Bb”],[4],[1],[”Golson, Bennie”]
[“Ana Maria Bb”],[5],[2],[”Bartling, Tom”]
[“Angelic (for Jessica) Bb”],[7],[2],[”Abate, Greg”]
[“As Quiet As It's Kept Bb”],[9],[2],[”Watson, Bobby”]
[“Back Rub Bb”],[11],[1],[“Unknown, Author”]
[“Beatrice Bb”],[12],[1],[”Rivers, Sam”]
[“Better Days Ahead (Metheny) Bb”],[13],[2],[”Metheny,Pat”]

one like this;

“African Skies Bb”,1,2,”Brecker, Michael”
“Almost Like Being In Love Bb”,3,1,”Loewe, Frederick”
“Along Came Betty Bb”,4,1,”Golson, Bennie”
“Ana Maria Bb”,5,2,”Bartling, Tom”
“Angelic (for Jessica) Bb”,7,2,”Abate, Greg”
“As Quiet As It's Kept Bb”,9,2,”Watson, Bobby”
“Back Rub Bb”,11,1,“Unknown, Author”
“Beatrice Bb”,12,1,”Rivers, Sam”
“Better Days Ahead (Metheny) Bb”,13,2,”Metheny,Pat”

and one like this;

“[African Skies Bb]”,[1],[2],”[Brecker, Michael]”
“[Almost Like Being In Love Bb]”,[3],[1],”[Loewe, Frederick]”
“[Along Came Betty Bb]”,[4],[1],”[Golson, Bennie]”
“[Ana Maria Bb]”,[5],[2],”[Bartling, Tom]”
“[Angelic (for Jessica) Bb]”,[7],[2],”[Abate, Greg]”
“[As Quiet As It's Kept Bb]”,[9],[2],”[Watson, Bobby]”
“[Back Rub Bb]”,[11],[1],“[Unknown, Author]”
“[Beatrice Bb]”,[12],[1],”[Rivers, Sam]”
“[Better Days Ahead (Metheny) Bb]”,[13],[2],”[Metheny,Pat]”

and all give me an error message that says; "Incorrect data format at line 1:" and then what's on the first line how ever it's formated. I'm pretty much convinced at this point that this feature/function doesn't work. Regardless the thing is very unfriendly. I thought it was a great idea, still do, but the execution is not good and has become too much of a time sink. I thought iGig Book would save me a bunch of time indexing fakebooks and dealing with other charts for my jazz combo gigs but now I just feel like I've wasted my time and should have used ForScore or Mobilsheets which I use for charts with other bands.

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Re: Trying to Use Bulk Upload for My Own Book Index

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Perhaps an app where you do not have the ability to create an index would be better suited for you. Our philosophy is for one to use the tool that works best for them. You think the Bulk Upload doesn't work? People are using it everyday with success. How is that possible? For starters here's the guide right from the Bulk Upload page:

Code: Select all

"[song title]",[page number],[number of pages],"[composer last name, composer first name]"


"Tune Up",7,1,"Davis, Miles"
Notice how brackets are only used to illustrate what the fields contain and what follows it is an example of what an actual entry would look. Notice how your data doesn't look anything like this:

Code: Select all

"Tune Up",7,1,"Davis, Miles"
My suggestion is to take the line above into a text editor not a word processor and use it as a basis for creating your entries. When you do that you'll have success with the bulk upload feature which has a very strict parser.
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