How To Remove *Multiple* Indexes From Your Book List View

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How To Remove *Multiple* Indexes From Your Book List View

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Hi, I'm a new user, sorry if this is already answered somewhere, but I have searched the forum already with no luck.
My book list on my device is cluttered with a bunch of books that I don't have and probably never will, so I want to see only the few that I actually have. I've read "How To Remove Indexes From Your Book List View". This requires you to log in and go to "My Book Settings", then uncheck the ones you don't want to appear on your device. I tried it for a couple and it works. However, I'm seeing four pages of books, and for each book you have to click Edit, then uncheck Active, then Save, waiting after each step for the web page to reload. Is there any way to easily check or uncheck a batch of multiple books in one operation ?
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Re: How To Remove *Multiple* Indexes From Your Book List View

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Unfortunately there is no way to check or uncheck all of the items at once, you have to do them one at a time, you can sort the Active column which will help.
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