How To Send MIDI Events - iPad Only

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How To Send MIDI Events - iPad Only

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When you view a PDF page from the Gig Set View the last icon on top right will display a list of all of the MIDI Event sets that are assigned to that page. These MIDI events are automatically transmitted to any connected MIDI device once the page is displayed. Because you can assign MIDI Events to each page, you can have for example a different keyboard sound or drum sound set automatically as you turn the page. This is a great feature to have if you're playing a musical and need to switch from a piano sound to an organ sound when you advance to the next page of a score.

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Selecting the EDITOR button brings up the MIDI Events Editor where you can create and manage your MIDI Event sets.

MidiEvetsEditor.png (78.48 KiB) Viewed 11745 times

To create a new MIDI Event set select the NEW button and enter a name for you event set at the top right and any MIDI events/commands you want to send below the name. All events/command must be entered in hexadecimal and the window will only allow numbers 0-9, letters A-F, spaces and the enter key. Each hexadecimal number should be 2 digits and separated by a space.

Code: Select all

;This is good
B0 01 00
C0 00
;This is not good
;This is good - two MIDI events/commands on one line
B0 01 7F C0 05
The SEND button allows you to send the commands you current have in the edit window to a device so that you can make sure you are getting the desired results. Once you are satisfied with the data entered and have verified that it produces the desired result, select the SAVE button to save this MIDI event set. Once saved select the event from the list on the left and select the ADD button to assign it to the PDF page currently displayed. To return to the MIDI Events assigned to the current page select the BACK button. You can send the events listed by selecting the SEND button at the bottom right of this list.

The iGigBook settings in the settings app contains a switch that enables or disables the automatic sending of MIDI events when a page is viewed.


Summary of MIDI Messages

MIDI - Wikipedia

Using a Bluetooth MIDI device? Beginning with iGigBook 8, tap the Bluetooth icon to open the iOS MIDI connection dialog and select your device. If you're not using iGigBook 8, open the App Store app and download "Bluetooth MIDI Connect".
Start Bluetooth MIDI Connect, select the device you want from the list. Once the connection is established you can send MIDI messages to that device from iGigBook.
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