How To Use The Chord Charts That Transpose

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How To Use The Chord Charts That Transpose

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You must register from the iGigBook or iGigBook Mobile app to get access to these and other bonus transposable indexes that will be made available.

To see the index item titled "Free Jazz Chord Charts - Transpose", you must be logged into the app. Select the icon that looks like a person, at the top it will indicate who you are logged in as. If your email address or user name does not appear and there is a Guest Mode button, select the Guest Mode button. Return to the log in/register screen and enter your credentials.

Once you are logged into the app, if you see an item in your Book List view titled Guest Mode Active, you need to press the sync button (two curved arrows) at the top right of the Book List view.

To use the chord charts that transpose, simply select the index titled "Free Jazz Chord Charts - Transpose" from the Book List view to use the chord charts that transpose. If you do not see this index in the Book List view, have logged into the app and have registered, press the sync button at the upper left hand corner of the Book List view ONCE, to refresh your index list. You may need to scroll the list up or down to see the index.

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