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How To Share Your Custom Index With Other Users

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:08 am
by SiteAdmin
Here's how to share your custom book index with another iGigBook user:
  • Log in to the content manager at
  • Select the "Share Index" button.
  • Select the book Index you would like to share.
  • Enter the email addresses of the iGigBook users you would like to share the index with.
*You must enter an email address of a currently registered iGigBook user. Email addresses are not visible on this board and the assumption is that you already know the user you want to share with and/or you have had some correspondence with the user and have come to an agreement of what you are going to share with them. The indexes you share will be become entries in "My Book Settings" where the user can activate or deactivate them to control whether or not the index appears on their device. The user that you share your index with cannot make changes to your index, so if there are errors, you the person that is sharing the index must make corrections to it.

Currently there is no method to delete an index that has been shared with another user.