How To Use a Single Index For Bb, C, Eb and Bass Books

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How To Use a Single Index For Bb, C, Eb and Bass Books

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iGigBook gives you the ability to use a single index for Bb, C, Eb and Bass clef versions of the same book.

You can use this feature if:
  1. The index of the books are the same; the songs have the same page number in each book.
  2. The offset of the books are the same; the number of pages before the first song are the same in each book.
Let's say you have PDF versions of the Classic Real Book in Bb, C, Eb and Bass clef and want to use the Single Index System. The book code for the Classic Real Book is crealbk1 and to use the C version of the book you would name your book crealbk1.pdf. To use the other books with the same index, just name them as follows:
  • Classic Real Book Bb - crealbk1_bb.pdf
  • Classic Real Book Eb - crealbk1_eb.pdf
  • Classic Real Book Bass - crealbk1_f.pdf
While viewing a song from the Classic Real Book, you can select the "Key" icon and select which transposition you want and the page will be pulled from the correct book. You also have the ability to set a default book transposition by going to the Apps section of the Settings App and setting the book default under TRANSPOSITION.

You must at the very least have a book named with the base book code. You can have, for example, the Classic Real Book C or concert and the Bass Clef version or the C concert version, Bb version and Eb version or any combination of them.
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