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How To Adjust An Index To Fit Your PDF

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:45 pm
by SiteAdmin
iGigBook and iGigBook Mobile now includes an easy way for you to check to see if your current offset is correct and to easily set it if incorrect.

Select an index from the Book List view and then select a song from that index to display it. If the song you see is different than the song you selected do the following:

Tap with 4 fingers to display a dialog that will allow you to enter the page number visible on the sheet music displayed.

If the number that appears in the dialog:

Is the same as the page number that appears on the page, the offset is correct, no action is required, press "Cancel"

Is different than the page number that appears on the page, enter the page number you see and press "Set Book Offset"

How To Adjust An Index To Fit Your PDF - Old Method

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:33 am
by SiteAdmin
Sometimes a book you have doesn't quite sync up with the iGigBook index, here's a few tips for resolving these issues.

If you did not scan the book yourself, i.e. you downloaded it from the internet or someone gave it to you, make sure your book has all of the pages in the correct order. All of the pages means music as well as photos and the PDF should match it's own internal index.

It's okay for a book to be missing pages in the beginning because you can correct that by adjusting the offset. If your book is missing pages in the middle of the book, the fastest and easiest way to get that book to sync up with the index is to add either the pages that are missing by scanning from the original book or by just adding blank pages. You will need a PDF editor such as Preview or Adobe Acrobat to add or delete pages or you can use the PDF editing features available in iGigBook version 6.3 or greater, see How To Add/Delete Pages From A PDF for additional information.

Make sure you're using the correct offset. From the book view, select the first tune, for best results choose the first tune that starts with the letter A. Tap the top portion of the screen until you get to the first page that isn't a song, now tap the bottom portion of the screen to return to that song. The page number you see in the top status bar minus the page number indicated in the table of contents of the book, will be the offset that you need.

Physical page indicated in iGigBook top status when viewing a song minus(-) the page number indicated for that song in table of contents of the book, equals(=) the offset needed.

This number can be negative.

You can set the offset of any book index in the Book List View. To set the offset press and hold any item until the Set Book Offset popup appears. Enter the correct offset based on the method described above, don't waste your time adding random numbers, use the method described above. Did we mention to use the method described above? :D Select the set button once you have entered the correct offset computed by using the method above. It's a good idea to have an internet connection available when you are setting offsets in this manner as it sets the offset locally and also on the iGigBook server.

If your book list only shows two or three items i.e. "Sample Book" and "Bach Cello Suites", try uninstalling iGigBook from iTunes and then re-installing it. Be sure to have internet connectivity when you launch iGigBook for the first time.