Current PDF Book Index List

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Current PDF Book Index List

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Below is the current list of available book indexes. If you do not see the book index below in the Book List view, it usually means that it is marked as not active in the content manager at To activate the index, log in to and select "My Book Settings" to set the active flag to on for the index and then sync your device with the iGigBook Server by pressing the sync button at the top right of the Book List view.

You must be logged into the app in order for the sync process to reflect changes in the Book List view on your device. You can check your log in status by selecting the icon at the top right that looks like a person.

Index Linking 101

Got a Bb, Eb, or Bass clef version of a book listed and don't see an index for it?
How To Use a Single Index For Bb, C, Eb and Bass Books

Need more information about linking your PDF to one of the indexes listed below?
How To Use iGigBook Indexes

When you select a song, does it go to the wrong page?
How To Adjust An Index To Fit Your PDF
  • Book Title--Book Code
  1. 557 Jazz Standards--557standrd
  2. Anthologie des Grilles de Jazz--gridjazz
  3. All Jazz Real Book--ajrealbk
  4. Bach Cello Suites--cellosuite
  5. Beatles Fake Book--beatlesfb
  6. Best Fake Book Ever 2nd Edition--bestfbevr2
  7. Bill Evans Fake Book--befakebk
  8. Brazilian Jazz Real Book--braziljrbk
  9. Classical Fake Book--classicfb
  10. Charlie Parker Omnibook(Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--cpomnibook
  11. Classic Real Book 5th Edition(Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--crealbk1
  12. Classic Real Book Vol II(Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--crealbk2
  13. Classic Real Book Vol III(Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--crealbk3
  14. Classic Real Vocal Book--crealbkv
  15. Classic Rock Fake Book--crockfb
  16. Country Fake Book--countryfb
  17. Creole Jazz Band Fake Book--creolejbfb
  18. Cuban Fake Book--cufakebk
  19. Dick Hyman's Professional Chord Changes--dhpccs100t
  20. Disney Fake Book 2nd Edition--disneyfake
  21. Django Fake Book--djangofb
  22. Folk Song Fake Book--folksngfb
  23. Great Gig (Blue) Book--greatgigbk
  24. Jazz Fakebook(Ultimate)--jfakebk
  25. Jazz LTD--jazzltd
  26. Jazz of the 50s--bjazz50
  27. Just Jazzs Real Book--justjazzrb
  28. Just Standards Real Book--juststanrb
  29. Latin Fake Book(Alfred Pub.)--ltfakebk
  30. Legit Professional Fake Book--rwlpfbk
  31. Library of Musicians' Jazz--lmjazz
  32. Movie Fake Book 4th Edition.--moviefkbk
  33. Original, Legal, Musician's--olmfakebk
  34. Pat Metheny Song Book--patmetheny
  35. R&B Fake Book 2nd Edition.--rnbfakebk
  36. Real Book 6th Edition (Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--realbk1h
  37. Real Book 6th Edition (European Pocket Edition)--realbk1hep
  38. Real Book Vol II 2nd Edition (Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--realbk2h
  39. Real Book Vol III 2nd Edition (Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--realbk3h
  40. Real Book Vol IV (Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--realbk4h
  41. Real Book Vol V (Bb, C, Eb, Bass)--realbk5h
  42. Real Jazz Standards Fake Book--rjstandfbk
  43. Real Rock Book (Warner/Chappell)--realrockb1
  44. Real Rock Book 2 (Warner/Chappell)--realrockb2
  45. Real Jazz Book--realjazzbk
  46. Sample Book--sample
  47. Straight Ahead Jazz Fakebook--safakebk
  48. The Beatles 1962-1974--beatle6274
  49. The Book--thebook
  50. The Blues Fake Book--bluesfb
  51. The Colorado Cookbook--colcookbk
  52. The Digital Standards Songbook--dssongbook
  53. The European Real Book--eurealbk
  54. The Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book--fjfakebk
  55. The Handbook of Jazz Standards--hjazzstand
  56. The Latin Real Book--ltrealbk
  57. The New Real Book (Digital Edition)--nrealbk1d
  58. The New Real Book Bb (Digital Edition)--nrealbk1db
  59. The New Real Book Eb (Digital Edition)--nrealbk1de
  60. The New Real Book Vol 1--nrealbk1
  61. The New Real Book Vol 1 Bb--nrealbk1bb
  62. The New Real Book Vol 1 Eb--nrealbk1eb
  63. The New Real Book Vol 2--nrealbk2
  64. The New Real Book Vol 2 Bb--nrealbk2bb
  65. The New Real Book Vol 2 Eb--nrealbk2eb
  66. The New Real Book Vol 3--nrealbk3
  67. The New Real Book Vol 3 Bb--nrealbk3bb
  68. The New Real Book Vol 3 Eb--nrealbk3eb
  69. The Public Domain Christmas Jazz Fakebook--tpdxmasjfb
  70. The Real Book Of Blues--rbblues
  71. The Real Christmas Book--realxmasbk
  72. The Real Easy Book--reasybk
  73. The Real Vocal Book 2nd Ed Volume I--realbkvh1
  74. The Real Vocal Book Volume II--realbkvh2
  75. The Standards Real Book--strealbk
  76. The Standards Real Book Bb--strealbkbb
  77. The Standards Real Book Eb--strealbkeb
  78. The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book--ulpoprock
  79. The Worlds Greatest Fake Book--wgfakebk
  80. This Is The Ultimate Fake Book 2nd Edition--ulfakebk
  81. TV Fake Book--tvfakebook
  82. Ultimate Broadway Fake Book 4th Ed.--ulbdwyfkbk
  83. Ultimate Broadway Fake Book 5th Ed.--ulbdwyfb5e
  84. Ultimate Christmas Fake Book--ulxmasfkbk
  85. Ultimate Country Fake Book 5th Ed.--ulcntryfb5
  86. Wedding & Love Fake Book 3rd Edition--wedlovefb
We do not provide PDF books only the indexes. The best source for any of the music books that we index is the publisher. Contact them with your inquires about which books are available and how you can obtain them. We do not engage in nor do we advocate the distribution of copyrighted material.

iGigBook indexes are created using the index of the actual physical book and almost every book has an index contained within it that allows you to verify if the PDF you have has all of the pages present and in the correct order. Publishers often offer eBooks(DRM content) that are different from the physical books, they often do not contain an index with page numbers and the pages do not have page numbers on them. Any eBook(DRM content) you convert to a PDF has a high probability of not matching an index we offer because it does not match the physical book it is based on. This is easy to see with eBooks offered by Hal Leonard by going to Amazon and using the "LOOK INSIDE!" feature.
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